Bloomsbury Boats are based in Bathampton, Somerset nr Bath on the Kennett and Avon canal route. We operate from a private leisure mooring where customers are greeted locally at secured private parking and are then walked down the canal path to our boat

Location of Bloomsbury Boats

Map of Kennet and Avon Route

Canal Routes

Your canal adventure  will involve traveling at a leisurely 2-3mph most of the time with swing bridges and locks to also navigate your way through so below is a set guide of how far you will get with some additional information. All routes head East although you are welcome to take the boat into Bath but not on to the River towards Bristol as our insurance does not cover that route.

Below is a guide per day of the distance you will probably do (from 9 – 5 with an hour off for lunch!) although you may want to stop more often. Remember you will have to come back the same route to Bathampton so clients usually will turn around on day 4!

1st Day – Bathampton – Dundas Aqueduct – Bradford-on-Avon – Hilperton

2nd Day – Hilperton – Semington – Seend – Foxhanger – Caen Hill Flight

3rd Day – Caen Hill Flight – Devizes – Horton – Cannings – Honey Street

4th Day – Honey Street – Woolcot – Pewsey

Bath is only 40 minutes walk away from Bathampton if you are planning on staying locally the night before!