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So we have just returned from our 2nd holiday on the AMAZING Larkspur and we have to say that we had just as good an experience as we did in 2018. Our 2018 holiday gave us the most stunning weather. We also did the full trip from collecting the boat to navigating the amazing Caen Hill locks and back to Bath. 2019 saw good but mixed weather but it made no difference to us. The canal boat experience results in complete calm and chill but activity as well. Being our second time we were more experiences as to where we chose to Moor up / pubs to choose etc. However we also went to places that we missed last year so all in all it still felt like a first to a degree. With WiFi available I could still keep an eye on the footy and we also had a couple of cosey movie nights as well. Once again the beds were some of the most comfortable EVER and don’t get me started on how good the oven is. Granted we didn’t use it that much as there are so many great places to eat at along the way but it is just one of the things that highlights the care and attention taken to ensure the boat is top quality. Angus (owner) was as fabulous this year as last. Me thinks we will be going for a hat trick in 2021 as well. So a HUGE recommendation from us once again. Oh I must say that I am / was a laze by a pool abroad somewhere sort of guy. NOT ANY MORE.